UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards

Purchased for 11 year old son for Chrismtas from Walmart. Unit is very solid and heavy (weighs almost 80lbs. Will make more descripitve video later. Just wanted to test my new GoPro Hero 4 Silver!!


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  1. For the money I think its hard to get a better scooter. Great for running to the store. I heard you can switch to lithium batteries really interested in that ideal. I am a big boy 240lbs and it cruises me to the store at a fun speed. Takes about 12 hours for a full charge. Lasts about 10 to 13 miles at full speed with my weight is not bad. $500

  2. Going on 2 years with this scooter. Had to repair a flat tire on the rear which was a royal pain. Also, I just replaced the batteries because they wouldn't hold a charge.

  3. Had this delivered recently and the build quality and customer support from Big Toys USA was quite poor. I will return the unit and spend a little more money for better quality. I would advise to avoid this product.

  4. Where do I order parts,? As I need new brake pads every year. Sites I have found say Out of Stock ! Also I had to replace the fuse wire section as it melted near the fuse holder on a very hot day and is now blowing fuses due to arching.

  5. FYI this thing is still working great after a year and half.  Only had to repair a flat on the back tire (a real pain to do) and also replace one of the chain tensioners after a wipe out…

  6. This is a very good gift, I've had mine since 2013. You bought this for your 11 (now 12 ) year old… I hope he is okay. He can definitely reach the top speed of 26mph with this scooter, hope he has good judgment and senses if riding alone, or be supervised in his entirety of using it. You do not require a permit or license to operate this scooter (In Massachusetts, atleast) however you are required by law to use lights if you are riding at night. Note: the only reason you don't need a permit for this is because its electric, all diesel scooters require a motorcycle permit/licenseAs I've said I've had mine for two years, I'm nearly 230 and this thing has no problem going 20mph easily and with a 10 mile battery life you're sure to get where you need to go and back. The only drawback I can think of is its weight, 100 pounds. Even space is not an issue as the seat can be removed and the scooter folded.

  7. I need one of these now!!!! I just bought my daughters Razor electric scooters and I have been running to keep up with them which after an hour is brutal…I need something like this!!!

  8. This bike sounded really fast when it zoom past the camera, sounded almost like a car whizzing through traffic at 85 to 100kph. But that looked like about 25 to 35kph? What's the max speed?


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