Oil Leak Repair

2005 Kawasaki Ninja 636. I will show you how to properly prep and replace a stator cover gasket on nearly all sportbikes. This applies to pulsar covers, clutch covers, and so on. Off-camera I also used 1000 grit sand-paper to smooth the surface of the cover.

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To be sure you dont damage the mating surfaces, i recommend picking up a plastic gasket scraper from amazon. This is the link:


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  1. Stupid question: Fluid leaking from the gasket…is that regular engine oil from the main part of the engine or fluid that I should replace after replacing the stator cover? Engine oil seems to be showing ok in the sight gauge on the side.

  2. Quick question im new to bikes. I found a 93 yamaha virago. Guy said he took starter off and it was full of oil. Is this the same thing? As far as oil in the starter?

  3. Hey my 2001 zx6r just flooded the crankcase with gas, ive solved my carb problem so it wont keep dumping fuel to flood anymore but the engine oil is just pouring out of the left side cover, from behind the magnito and starter flywheel. I flushed the bad oil, an tried to refill it an its just hits the floor. What would cause a leak at what im guessing is the crankshaft? Any word back is appreciated

  4. Awesome video. I've got a 2012 10R and my stator just went out on me. Bought the bike brand new in 2012. When I removed the cover the bike didn't have a gasket. But there was no leaks either from it. My main concern though was the oil I found in there. Wasn't a whole lot but a little small traces of it around and I was thinking that was problem. Glade to see it's not.

  5. maybe am going to be the one with the dumb question but I need to know, am new bikes so I taught that there shouldn't be any oil in that place of the bike, I even thought that you were about to change a seal or another gasket but that did not happen. do all bikes need or have oil in that part of the engine??

  6. This is the best video on stator cleaning, replacement.Very informative. Thank you for the time you took to load this video. I am a women and replacing my own stator on my ZX10R 2005

  7. I've had this problem for a while with my bike, stator cover leaking, just replaced the stator and got a fresh gasket on there, I almost went to reach for the atv gasket silicone, but instead will thoroughly clean surfaces, great video and very informative! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge

  8. Great video, looks like an easy task that can be done in one's own garage! Would you recommend someone changing it themselves or should I take it to the dealership instead? It has a small pinhole on the face of the cover that slowly leaks so I'm too scared to ride it a few miles to the dealer.

    After 8 months of riding, I finally dropped my baby (2017 Ninja 650) the other morning on a stupid mistake. It had just stopped raining an hour or 2 before and I wanted to ride my bike to work. The roads were still slightly wet and as I was slowing down for a sharp 90 degree corner I ended up tapping my rear brake a bit to hard and the rear tire came out from under me because of the slick road. I was only doing about 15mph or so when it happened but it still landed on the left side and did a 180 slide in the road. Main Fairing is all scratched up, shift lever bent at a weird angle (rod still good and shifts fine, just the foot lever bent), clutch lever bent and end snapped off, and my main problem is that the stator cover took a hit. It got scratched up and now has a small, slow leak out the side where it's been dented. I ordered a new cover and gasket and shift lever, hoping I can just replace myself because I know how expensive dealership service departments are.

    It really sucks too because recently my ABS started to come on after a minute of riding and I was hoping to have them look at it and try for a warranty repair on the sensor, but now that I dropped it, its going to be a hard case to sell to them since they lose money on warranty work and look for every way not to do it.

  9. Hey Boss, How did you know where to put that Silicone? You said the "metal mating surface", is that not the whole edge?
    I have a 650r Kawai, I swapped out my Gasket this weekend, but it still leaks, I am hoping its because i missed a tourque setting on the bolts, but I think it might also be from the Stator Cable, as i never added Silicone to that rubber seal either. Would I be ok to take it off, add the silicone and then reuse the now crushed Gasket, or should i start a fresh? What silicone do i need? Thanks 🙂

  10. Hey Boss I have 2006 yamaha v star 650 and have a oil leak exactly where your video shows. My question is would this be the same process on my v star 650, thanks

  11. Hi. Do you have to drain out the motor oil first before taken the stator cover out? If you don't need to do that, do you have to add some oil in after replacing the gasket?

  12. Great video man!

    Question, should I stop riding my bike if it has too much oil? Saw some drips coming from same spot. Noticed when shes perfectly straight the oil levels are above the max line. First service is coming up in 300 miles. I almost feel like just doing first oil change myself. Registered her to Yamalube Advantage like you said. Im not tripping too much. Just dont want any early wear on engine from something so simple. What should I do?

    Thanks man!

    2017 Yamaha FZ07

  13. Hey boss I just acquired an 04 gsxr 600 for $100. it had been stored outdoors for a couple of years and owner just didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to sell it, plus he said it wouldn't shift out of 1st gear and trying to sell a bike someone cant actually test ride is a hassle in itself. Removing the cover where the clutch cable comes in I found a broken return spring the cam actuator connects to and ordered a new spring. I really cant go wrong with this investment as worst case scenario the motor and trans are junk and can always part it out, but my question is more recommendations on should I just go ahead and replace the clutch plates while I have it torn down or just replace the spring and see what it does?

  14. I've got a Sazuki GSF 600 X. In the morning I'm finding it difficult to start and when it does the engine just doesn't sound right. The bike was manufactered in 1999. I was thinking that I've got the same problem as you're explaining in the video, but I'm not sure what kind of stator I would need for my motorbike? Thanks.


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