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Wahoo have launched the next in the range of their successful Elemnt cycling computers. This is the all new Elemnt ROAM, a bigger beefier brother to the Elemnt BOLT, with all of Wahoo’s intuitive features and smart navigation.

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Comment (45)

  1. Oh no i was zu late.
    But im from Germany so i think i dont could get this. My parents havent many money so i never get a Cyclecomputer aß this Cyclecomputer. 😢

  2. Doesn't have a touchscreen because "if you need a touchscreen to navigate your menus your userinterface is too complicated" yet it requires a smartphone to use it to it's fullest???
    I'm sorry but that's just a load of bullocks if you ask me.
    For now I'll be sticking to my polar V650 sure it lacks OTG routing options but I like it and has a very intuitive touchscreen interface.

  3. I can only have this in my dreams. In Serbia, in order to buy this, I would have to pay 3 full salaries plus customs duties. Maybe I'm lucky, we'll see.

  4. Every time Wahoo pushes out an software update for the ELEMNT Bolt something is screwed up. Last week's software push for the Bolt's companion app now shows my last two rides as occurring in back in 1970.  Go figure ….  Bolt users are Wahoo's uncompensated Beta Testers.

  5. Hey guys, all time fan from the Dominican Republic. I've got a very old predicament. My spokes break off from either side and when they do, the wheel completely locks up into the frame, leaving me effectively stranded wherever I am. I feel that the wheel should not go so out of true that it bends beyond repair, stranding me every time. Im very interested to hear your thoughts. I am 238 pounds of weight and ride custom mavic cxp wheels with 25mm gatorskin tires at 90 PSI. Cheers.

  6. My 3 y.o. ELEMNT is at 40% of battery capacity, so instead of buying same device again I waited for a refresh. Was quite surprised to see such a dull device as Roam! Still same battery life, same display resolution and size, charging port is in unreachable place if I need to recharge on-the-go, no native battery extender. Not to mention HUUUGE, ugly bezels, wierdly-spaced LEDs.. No, thanks, getting the original ELEMNT again.


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