My Ultimate Dirt Bike Shop!

★Pryme MX

★Devin’s Channel

Thought I’d give you guys a tour of my dirt bike shop! Enjoy!

★Business/Social Media
Pryme MX

★Camera Equipment
Canon 80D
GoPro Hero 6

All music provided by Sound Stripe. They have a huge selection of tracks to use for your YouTube videos without the worry of copyright claims. Click this link to get 20% off your membership

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  1. Hey man, love the videos, but I need some help. My kicker on yz125 is super floppy what do I to fix that, I hit a jump an it gets caught in my boot, it gets a little sketch

  2. Did you ever help Jeff rebuild his crf250? I seen the video of when you rode with him , but never heard of anything after? Just wondering if there’s an upcoming video of the rebuild , but anyways nice video cam, and sweet bike shop!

  3. "…dug a big ass hole" umm you might want to rephrase that one. lmao. Wondering if you're related to any of the Niemelas in Clatskanie / Rainier, Oregon area?

  4. Great video pal! Nice to see where you live and that someone has the same dreams as me 😄 by the way, what about a flat track? You have plenty of space overthere 😂

  5. you r living in a dream spot
    But i have to ask anyway.. Such a thing would cost something around 700.000-1.000.000€ here in germany..
    Would be interested to move to america or canada.. What does something like that cost? 600k US Dollar?


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