Coach Devotes His Life To Deadly 'Isle Of Man TT' Motorcycle Race | The New York Times

A deadly road race around an island in the Irish Sea draws motorcycle riders seeking a buzz they can’t get anywhere else. With the help of a former winner, two local rivals prepare to compete for the first time.

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Coach Devotes His Life To Deadly ‘Isle Of Man TT’ Motorcycle Race | The New York Times


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  1. The Isle of Man TT…for many motorcycle enthusiasts and especially those who compete is the greatest motorsport event in the world.It has every challenge that motorcycle racing can offer.It is real road racing.Ulster Grand prix and North West 200 also great road racing events.

  2. Interesting transition from racer to trainer after surviving a bad crash. This documentary as well as the accompanying one reminds me about the Knights of yore jousting with each other, only here they are all jousting with The Speed Demon and seeing who slays him first, though some unfortunately succumb as well. Nice piece


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