2019 Ultimate GoPro Accessories Guide

The 2019 Ultimate GoPro Accessories Guide is finally done! I cover all of the GoPro gear that I use to get my shots. It’s a beast, but there’s a table of contents frame so you can jump around in the video!


My favorite camera GEAR: http://bit.ly/dmanningshop
The MUSIC I use – free trial: http://bit.ly/epidemicsoundDM
Peak Design gear I love: http://bit.ly/2M2t4Io
INSTA 360 ONE X: https://www.insta360.com/sal/one_x?insrc=INRLO2X

My Instagram – http://instagram.com/david_manning
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My Twitter – http://twitter.com/david_manning
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  1. Thank you. I have bought GoPro for few day and I return it because I think battery gone so fast and I have bought Cannon M50 but I few so big for me to curry with 3 baby’s. Lol 😆 now I have review between GoPro and Cannon G7x . Now I think I will be back to buy GoPro 7 Black again. Or what do you think ? I should buy GoPro or Cannon G7x for vlog will be better?

  2. £50 for a microphone adapter that is as large as the camera itself?! And nothing else will work?? And to think that I thought DJI were mad for doing that same thing with their Osmo Pocket. the only difference is that the DJI mic adapter isn't available….anywhere…. and hasn't been for some time!

  3. All for blogging with GoPro from Casey Affleck :))) Good video, man.
    I have the Bosa little buttonhole microphone with a special in set adapter. Didn't try it, but it looks like adapter from 3.5 to USB but not USB.

  4. David, you're the best! I hardly ever get through a 10-minute informative/instructional video because, let's be honest, they usually get boring after a couple of minutes. I made it until the end with your video because you were so fun to watch! Kudos!

  5. I got a shop and make any mounts and things I need for my gooro…better 20 minutes of my free time than spend money for something I can make. The only thing I use as far as accessories is the frame it came with…with a router and different bits you can make just about anything.

  6. You should add 360 degree mount in your video. I saw a mount that you can rotate your single GoPro several times for complete 360 degree photo. Then stitch together images. Panohero-H5B Panoramic Head for GoPro Hero Black – spherical 360° panorama in 8 shots. X-small GoPro camera bag to protect the camera and prevent it from turning on in bag then draining battery. You forgot about the dashboard suction cup mounts for kayaking, surfing, or driving. GoPro jaws flex clamp mount is popular for motor scooter rentals in South East Asia. Could also use on snowmobile and jetski rentals. I bought a 50 pieces $20 GoPro accessories kit on Amazon and it has most of the mounts I need. Has all the basics for snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, bicycle touring, swimming, XC skiing, snowshoeing. I would suggest the backpack chest clip which easily clips to arm or chest backpack strap. Sametop makes one similar to one in my kit. StrapMount makes a fancier model. I would not be putting my accessories in my mouth. What about scuba diving case for deeper swims?

  7. Just bought my go pro 7 black with a chest mount and a two battery pack charger and sandisk 128 GB speed170 90 MB/S still need to acumalte batteries for use in a big truck and you showed me what to get when I play new subscriber


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