2019 Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro Review

It’s been ages since I rode a big Multistrada – when I’ve ridden them in the past I’ve always found them to be a bit top heavy for my liking – however this new 1260 Enduro feels unlike any other Multistrada I’ve ever ridden…stay tuned to find out more!

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Comment (39)

  1. I’ve had an earlier Multistrada with Ohlins suspension, and I’m sure this will be an improvement, but I really can’t see this being anywhere near as good as my 1290SA which has been faultless for almost 80k km through 27 countries, doing 35% offroad. I do like the spoked rims on this, the low seat height, and 30L tank which I also have. Screen is a joke.

  2. <– I have missed my previous generation Multistrada ever since I traded it. I rode the first year of the new generation (introduced with variable valve timing) and didn't care for it. It felt numb compared to the raw wildness of my old Multi. I've heard that has gotten better. Maybe it's time for another test ride. I do need to find a tourer, but one that's still fun once I get to the good roads.

  3. this bike or the bmw 1250 gs likely my next .. odds are a GS try'd to talk myself into one last time rather the class measuring stick

  4. Until now, you've always been a 'medium sized chap', but today you've shrunk a size or two, to a medium-short.. have you ditched the Cuban-heels? 😉

  5. Gotta admit I like the looks. But what else to like? Someone below notices I see, but Andrew, you didn't notice the $%^#&* chain! Total cost of ownership after say 5 years? Sorry for Duc fans but they depreciate badly here. So no contest with the GS then. Enjoyed the ride with you 🙂

  6. I don’t understand most manufacturers, they build a touring bike that buffers even 5’8” guys like me and yourself instead of putting a screen on a couple of inches higher. I suppose it gives aftermarket parts makers a few quid tho 😀👍

  7. As someone already pointed out, it's got a wonderfully slim exhaust. I don't know why others haven't gone that way. It certainly makes sense on an adventure bike, for better pannier design, and/or for better crash protection with the panniers off. As usual, I just can't get past the lack of shaft drive. For that reason alone, I would have to lean towards the GSA. But I sure do wish there were shaft drive options from KTM and Ducati. It saps some of the power, but….

  8. Had a Multi but just did not feel comfortable with it. Fine when everything is going OK but as soon as a bit of panic, right turn from top of steep hill, the weight just made me feel unsafe. Sorry but GS all the way for me.

  9. Um, I have to disagree with the older Multi’s being ‘top heavy’, and the new ones have a similar feel to the previous generation in that regard, unless it was the previous Enduro model.The older engines are also much livelier, I suspect the new ones suffer from emissions control restrictions. The newer bikes have better fueling, especially at lower revs, and a better rear brake (believe it or not)
    I would take the GS Adv over the Enduro, but would choose the standard Multi S over the GS.
    Finally, Ducati’s should be Red. Thanks for the video TMF, very enjoyable.

  10. The tank size on the adventure ranges are good if you are riding on your own. Unless your ridinging in a group with similar bikes, your fuel range is limited by the range of others. As usual sir, great work.

  11. Great review TMF. I test rode this in Bangkok back to back with the BMW 850GS and S1000XR. As a tall chap I really appreciated the size and comfort of the Ducati and was very close to buying it. The quick shifter is easily the best on the market and made my Tracer GT's quick shift feel agricultural. The acceleration was also breath taking, but in the end I decided to go with the Tracer GT because in Thailand it was less than half the price of the Ducati!

    I haven't regretted the decision, the Tracer is a cracking bike and that triple is so damn good. That said, if only they had Tracer MT 10. I love that engine!

  12. I owned the 2016 Ducati Enduro. Loved it. So fast and stable. But traded it for a Harley when all my friends switched to cruisers. If I could afford two bikes, I’d have another Ducati in the stable.


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