2016 Yamaha YZ 125 & YZ250 2 strokes head to head – Dirt Bike Magazine

For this edition of PREMIX we take a look at the all new 2016 Yamaha 2 smokers. Although these bikes haven’t received a lot of changes for 2016 we still wanted to put them on the track and have some fun. We got with the Wageman brothers and let them spin some laps at Piru MX in Southern California. Enjoy the sound !

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  1. wowu nice 🏧🚮🚰♿🚹🚺🚻🚼🚾🛂🛃🛄🛅️⚠️️🚱🚯️🚭🚳🚫⛔🚸🎆🎇✨️✨️🎈🎎🎇✨️🎈🎏️️🎎🎍🎍🎍🎇🎄🎋🎋🎁🎫️️🎏️️🎐🎐🎉️🎉️🎑️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️🏆️

  2. 2 good bikers but the lil nigguh on the 125 kept up sure the 250 pulled but dam, Idk what this 4 stroke is all about, I member bak in the late 90's an 2000's if u had a Yamaha or Kawasaki or Suzuki sounding like this u had a motocross dirt bike the real shyt

  3. My take. If you wan't a bike for all around riding like the track, glamis, trails even supermoto, get a 250. The 125 just wont cut it on big hills or at glamis. But if you wan't a bike for fun and don't need to fo to glamis get a 125. Seriously theu are so much fun, makes you feel like a hero whippin around on a 125. I found myself trading my brother bikes so much when he had a 125 and I had a 250. You can take a 125 to the dunes btw, just make sure to buy the right tire and be prepared to work on your engine as it is likely to blow up.

  4. this might be a stupid question but is the 125cc the same height as a 250cc (going to buy my first dirtbike soon) i'm 6 foot 2 but i'm light so just wondering if theres much of a difference

  5. My name is M.Dika, 24 years old, from indonesian country, i aspire to be racer like you guys, may i rich you guys because that's my dream from small.


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