Trick for Getting Torque Specs

If don’t have a service manual for your bike here is a quick tip to find torque specs for your motorcycle. This is a technique I have been using for years.

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  1. Thank you my car doesnt have torque specs listed anywhere for anything and there is no service manual sold by anybody and I called 3 mazda dealerships and 2 toyota dealerships and they couldn't tell me the torque specs for the chassis so its like how the f**k are they doing this service or anything else that requires a bolt to be removed when they don't even know the torque specs for anything on my car so I've been tightening everything by feel (most things just left where they're already at) up to this point… Even though everything is EXTREMELY well built and easy to work on I should have never bought a scion ia…

  2. Excellent information but what if the bolt or nut has not been torqued up correctly from the manufacturer or previous service man before you conduct your test so that would mean that you determined the incorrect re-torque for that bolt or nut? excellent test that's for sure but providing that the bolt or nut has already been tightened to specifications prior to your test? I am confused. Can you explain thanks.

  3. I guess this is better than not torquing at all… but I question how accurate it is considering friction on old bolts, wet vs dry, and other variables. I've removed parts before that were factory and of course some bolts that should be the same spec as others can require different forces to remove. I would think these things effect how accurate your reading is going to be, not to mention whether the previous mechanic used the right spec or not. All that aside, interesting little cheat / I like it.

    Haven't considered adding bike specs to Torque Spec App yet. If I did, what would I do first? ie. most worked on?

  4. I wouldn't hire a mechanic in the first place who "couldn't find" the service manual. On some bikes, such as the Moto Guzzi V7 II, these reference/indicator marks come with the bike, and are there to make it easy to keep an eye on key fasteners that may loosen. One other observation. Torque wrenches are gauges, and are not supposed to be used as a wrench to break/loosen fasteners. Also, it's hard for me to understand why anybody, apart from Harley owners, would be talking about foot pounds (or more properly pounds-foot) instead of Newton meters. For most bikes today, torque values are given in Nm, and the Imperial/American equivalent is a direct transposition from Nm and consequently a weird, fussy number.


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