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See how to troubleshoot starting problems on a Suzuki GSX-R1000 with nothing but a test light. In a previous video ( John showed you how to test the battery on a GSXR, but what do you do if the GSXR still won’t start?

First, John will show you where to locate the starter solenoid and fuse on the GSXR starting system and then test them. If it fails, you can replace the fuse with the extra fuse located on the machine or with a new fuse from If that doesn’t work, the problem may be in the starter relay. John will show you how to check it on your GSXR. Finally, see how a sometimes forgotten part of the starter system– the clutch switch, may be to blame for your GSXR starting problems.

Read how to do this step-by-step:

Test the starter solenoid and fuse – 1:49
Test the starter relay – 3:05
Test the clutch switch – 4:50

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In the video we’re working with a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000, but you may have similar steps for your Suzuki motorcycle. If you’re not sure whether these steps apply to your machine, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.


GSXR Lock Replacement

How to change the front brake pads on a GSXR:

Bleed the brakes on your GSXR:


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  1. I have an 07 Busa. The lights come on, but the instrument panel doesn't cycle through. The tachometer rests at 4k RPM on and off. The odometer and clock doesn't come on. I have a new battery installed. It also will not start with a jump. What troubleshooting steps do I take next?

  2. I’m having a weird issue. Sometimes my bike starts, sometimes it does not. When it doesn’t I hear a single click and nothing happens. Everything primes normally before I hit the starter. What might be causing this?

  3. I have a 2004 gsxr 750 started fine I changed the under tail an blew a fuse while doing the wires on the signal lights it was a 10 amp got a new one all lights an every thing work but no fuel pump kick in aN won’t turn over an on the digital part of dash says cheek ???? Any idea what it could be ???

  4. Bought a GSXR 750 that the owner over filled oil, he drove for a mile then back home, now it will not start back. He changed breather filter, spark plugs,  What could be causing this not to start.

  5. Partzilla I was riding my 07 gsxr 600 took it around the block and just everything shut off on me turn the switch on and no power at all, for the pass few months my head light keeps blowing out so I decided to not put a headlight bulb anymore, it didn’t use to have this problem before, my battery is good it’s new, but something is always killing my battery as well when I am on high rpm but not all the time, now the issue that I am having is that I took it for a ride and it all completely died on me no power at all and when i turn the switch on I have no power

  6. I have problem to start. Normally have a biping and start charging and stop. But now have just biping and biping no stop. To slow power to start engine. I can make a video for you see the noice. The noice come front right side down gas tank like from air filter

  7. Hi John, I've done everything you've stated here and found it very helpful, but while testing the starter silonoid with the negative cable disconnected, the relay does not make the "clicking noise" as mentioned. Also, when I touch the negative cable with the test light it does not light up. Any suggestions?

  8. hi your videos are very helpful to me thank you, I have a question if you can please help me. my 2007 susuki drains the battery in a few cranks, ( new battery ) even if I jump start with my car battery ( not runing ) it acts as it drained too. I appreciate any ideas. thank you

  9. Does the K8 1000 have a relay switch like that and if so where would it be having the same issue getting “0” power when I turn the key no lights no sounds no movement on the dash brand new battery

  10. John wpuld a bad starter relay cause the bike to turn on (dash lights, odo etc.) But say check with f1 light on (no codes) but not prime the fuel pump and I hear no noise from the relay when I press the start button

  11. My turn signals and high beams wont turn on. Also my speedometer and nuetral light wont work i did replace the 30amp fuse and my bike turned on now its a 2006 gsxr 750 can anyone help with what the issue might be

  12. Your explanation a gave me a light! I have an 05 gsxr 750,it was crashed and totally rebuilt, now I'm having problems starting it. Lights,tach,fuel..everything is working. But when I hit the starting button,the relay doesn't even click. What can it be? Thanks a lot !

  13. sir, i am a user of rs150 fi, but my crank was loosen when i hit it, my digital gauge are ok and my ignition switch is ok too but doesnt start. what could be the cause?

  14. Partszilla… Took my 2007 gsxr 1000 apart to paint and maintence a bunch for the winter. Took the whole back subframe apart and took out the ECU. The wife accidentally ran it over. So I'm buying a new one. Can I just get a used on and plug it in and go or do I have to get it programmed or new keys programmed? Thanks

  15. is there a chance you would make a video on a newer bike, I have a 2014 gixer 1000 and I'm having a similar problem but after following your instructions on this video I came out with no solution to it, engine won't even crank, I have a bran new battery, starter relay, clutch switch and I checked the starter switch and the kill switch, please help?

  16. I have a 05 gsxr 1000 bike will start with ignition on and just two big positive wires clutch on ground is good on clutch and 30amp fuse is good battery is only 11.5v and drops while turning over but I checked voltage at yellow green wire and only have 3.45volts what should this wire have for voltage bike will start with charge but have to jump two main wires to starter thanks bro

  17. I have a 1990 GSXR 750M track only bike that will not start. I thought I had a problem with the starter relay as it was clicking when I tried to start the bike, so I bought a new one and replaced the old one. Still not starting. Neutral, oil light and dials illuminate with the ignition switch set to ON position. Now, the new starter relay making a buzzing noise instead. I have also put a shorty aftermarket clutch and brake lever, would this affect anything? I fully charged the battery and tried again. Still no luck. I have not tried push starting it yet. Should I try this? Should I change the battery as it was bought in 2011? Do you have any suggestions as to why it will not start? Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks

  18. was diagnosing a quad that was left to me has a 2006 gsx-r1000 and when i hit the start button my starter make a loud click sound and has a hard time cranking over does this mean my starter motor is on its last legs? and the starter rely part really helped me about the fuse because i couldnt find the dang thing on the quad until i found it hiding way under where it should not be so i relocated it as well while i was there. as well when you buy the starter motor will it come built i saw your link but im not sure if i feel comfortable putting it together myself i dont wanna drop any parts any advice?

  19. 2015 gsxr 1000 checked all that lights come on no FI light on but it says check and starter spins when not connected to the solonied fuel pump aint priming just the dash lights up pull in the clutch hit the button nothin and no neutral light eather and i know the bikes is in nuetural?

  20. Just to confirm. When testing the starter replay. You had the negative cable disconnected. I hear the click when I hit the start button but my negative and positive are connected. Is it supposed to start when I test the starter solinod with the negative and positive cables connected.

  21. Great video. This video helped , but what is the possible problem if your test light doesn't light up on the last relay check of the ground side at te Videos 4:09 min part. ?

  22. i have a 98 suzuki gsx-r600 and my main fuse keeps blowing out. sometimes i can start and ride other times the fuse blows as soon as i try to start the bike. any suggestions or ideas?

  23. I have a problem !! I have a 07gsxr 750..battery is chagre and starter is good when i hit the start bottom i do there the relay clicking but its not starting the bike …but when i push start bike it starts right up.. up..could my starter relay still be bad

  24. Hey John, I have a 2008 Gsx-R. My bike was cranking, Fuel was priming, Relay was clicking (did a relay test like you did) brand new battery — But no start. I knew it was the starter! After Replacing the starter brushes, Replace the oil and put the covers back on. Now, its not cranking and won’t start It gave me a FI Codes (-C00) which is nothing. Please Help!

  25. My light comes on when I put it on the green and yellow wire and hit the start button, but no light when I put the tester on the negative terminal of the relay. Definitely means my relay is shot? 2009 750

  26. John thanks alot man. I have an 03 GSXR R1000 and the issue with mine was the battery. My battery was dead and no good so got it switched out. Thanks for going through these steps which helped me troubleshoot other things to make sure.


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