Biker News Bandidos Motorcycle Club and Biker Party Plant City

Biker News Bandidos Motorcycle Club and Biker Party Plant City
On the episode of the Biker Angle the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and an incredible 6,000 mile journey for one 25 year old in an effort to continue a ride started by his parents.
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Comment (14)

  1. He's getting No pussy 🤣, Come on a Block party, do they think bikers is doing stupid things, ill bet that kids and old folks have never ever felt so safe. Because of the Bikers
    .. New York to Alaska what a ride he must be a real biker… good show 🤘🇺🇸Rock'NRoll Hollywood H&R…
    Peace&funk 420 is about to be lightet 🤪🤣✌️

  2. Who has a second amendment? Sure as fuck not us in Maryland. People get shot robbed and all kinds of dumb shit all the time and we are a "may issue" state. But good fucking luck getting a carry permit. But we are a sanctuary city so Hogan is worried about immigrants before his own people. And I read he is saying his board is being to lenient on permits.

  3. Yes, support 2A. Gun Owners of America and National Association of Gun Rights are great groups to get involved in the fight to protect out carry rights.

  4. Vote these County and City officials "OUT ! Stand together
    and ask those Politicians " Do you support our Events/festivals or Not !
    And take Names for Hay and Nay !

  5. We’ve got Bandidos here. Not sure what clubs are all about but I’ve always seen myself getting along with them. That said, I’m not about to put anyone over my wife. She’s truly ride or die. We’ve been tested hard and often.

  6. Hollywood, you’d think Plant City would want to benefit from the those Events that are being.

    Very cool how He’s Biking across the States and going to come to Canada.

    If Motorcycle Clubs are Gangs so are Governments, we already know that Cops are a Gang.


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