Big Bend By Motorcycle PART 3: Big Bend National Park

Finally exploring Big Bend National Park on my motorcycle. In this video we check out some of the scenic roads, camp in a thunderstorm and take a hike to Santa Elana canyon. Absolutely loving this national park, unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride any gravel roads because of the rain but the paved roads here are spectacular.

Missed episode one? Click here:

For those of you looking for Jay (SuprBee ADV) from the last episode here is his YouTube:

Hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching!


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Comment (24)

  1. Tim, These views from the back are fantastic! I want to do the same with my videos.
    You have genuine talent for this. I think you’re set for the rest of your life. I can see real improvement in what you do with each new story. Explore the US. Then the rest of the world. I’ll follow.
    BTW, I bought that Nanopresso from the link on your site and I love it. I think about you and your adventures, and all the adventures I’ll have with it every time I use it.
    Safe travels, brother.

  2. Looks like you didn't make it up to the Basin for that Chicken Fried Steak. The general store there is where I got my BB sticker. Also If you didn't get to the Hot Springs, Boquillos Canyon and didn't ride the Old Ore Road, Well Then. you have good reason to go back. Also if you really want to test your skills, ride Black Gap Road. ☠

  3. Amazing video!! The way you put the music, site seeing, & motorbike travel together is flawless!! Well worth the wait:) and I can’t wait for the next one!! Makes you feel like your right on the adventure with you!! Great work and can’t wait to see more:) Good luck traveling!!

  4. Love the channel. But since you left on the road full time your audio has been horrible. I have to turn the TV up past 50 to even hear you and make it out

  5. Tim you should just record some road music let the road and bike make the music for a little bit. I would watch. 😁
    Those "extra days" just happen I took a trip in 2003, up into the Sierras and stopped in Yuba City for the night ended up staying four days.
    But I used to live in Roseville which is south of Yuba City so it was like being home again I moved in 1996 from Roseville to Los Angeles. and I moved out a few years later after that, now I'm back in LA again , hopefully I'll be moving again in Sept-Oct time frame. I don't mind Los Angeles but my heart and soul prefer mountains or desert.
    ride safe my friend..

  6. Hey Tim, loving watching the show, especially as you’re in Texas now. It is a pity you’ll miss the Three Twisted Sisters, and the Hill Country, as that area is likely the best “adventure riding” in the state, outside of Big Bend. For info, including a couple ride guides, check out (no affiliation, just a good resource). Cheers!


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