Top Ten Ways To Avoid A Sore Ass When Cycling On Your Road Bike

A sore butt from cycling could be caused by several things. We try to provide a solution for each ailment in this video.
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Being a bit sore from hours in the saddle, or getting saddle sores happens to all cyclists; from Tour de France racers to everyday cyclists.

The (rather uncomfortable) fact is that, there’s probably no avoiding it at some point, but, there are (at least) ten things that you can do to keep pain, irritation and chafing away or down to a minimum.

The thought of pain, irritation and chafing down there should really be enough for you to want to do all ten…

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Comment (38)

  1. You forgot saddle height. If your saddle is too high your hips will rock back and forth on the saddle creating a lot of friction and discomfort. Your knees should bend slightly when fully extended on the pedals (roughly 15 degrees).

  2. Quit riding those asinine diamond frames and get a proper recumbent. I sit on 4 inches of foam. The ONLY pain I have are tired legs at the end of a century.

  3. When you guys get older and you are fed up with all the things you hear about curing your pains on your bike , look up recumbents and if you try them you will be asking yourself why it took so long to try something that is far more comfortable and no pains anywhere. Older as in mature enough to buy something different . " I don't have a problem with peer pressure I just do what my friends do" sound familiar? I should have started much sooner.

  4. $ Overpriced $ and painful plastic seats. Suppose to be to save on weight. So then you have to buy all these fancy cloths and pads for your ass. The padding that should be in your bike seat in the first place. At the end of the day it's how much they want you to spend so you can take a ride in you neighborhood. It's all a big. Spend more money Scam !

  5. What I’m reading in comments is; no one is doing anything about getting off their own nuts. The whole thing here; is a matter of load distribution.

    I’m not simply getting use to it. I did that bs all my life with my diving helmet. So; I fixed that now I’ll fix this issue.

    Apparently it’s an issue that’s as old as the bike is and no one has got off their own damn nuts and fixed it.

    A nappy with butt cream isn’t the solution.

  6. Damn; it’s time to start experimenting on load distribution and make this a full on engineering issue. I thought I’d find the solution right away on YT. BUT; HELLS BELLS. Here we go again; I have to invent a method of cupping my balls and works, keep it from sliding around and distribute the load of my ass off my nuts and onto a more suitable portion of the anatomy; like the entirety of my ass.

    I can see a plastic milk container being altered and sewn together and covered in a way as to achieve my goals. You would think this would be 100% solved by this time for Christ sakes.

    Padded underwear that costs $80.+ bucks is retarded I’ll buy a damn adult diaper or do the old pillow in the shorts trick.

    But none of these solutions actually redistribute the weight off my nuts as I’m riding.

  7. Yesterday I did 14 miles and the days before like 5 miles everyday and I was in cllass today and asking myself this question on how not to get a sore butt so thanks for answering my questions like always 🙂


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