'The Ride' TAC Motorcycle Safety Campagin in Australia

Australia doesn’t mince words or images when it comes to advocating motorcycle rider safety.


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  1. I love how the spaceship which tripped up the rider at the end has been CG'd out of the video… why else would a competent rider who pulls out to overtake and sees a fourwheel drive in the distance not just roll on to complete the overtake, or just roll off to duck back in behind the van?? It's a truly stupid ad.

  2. This is really demonising motorcylists for the sake of it , last ride i did on the weekend , out gc hinterland, must have seen 500+ motorcylists – none of which were riding like this , all of which had protective gear . This ad is a joke

  3. Quite surprised about how the central message is ignored by many people who comment on this video…no matter how you want to live or die, do you really think that the message in this video is wrong? You are no victims, you are responsible for everything you do and this doesn't apply only to motorcycling.

  4. All the gear that you can buy is basically to protect you from a fall and slide. None of it is designed to protect you against impact with a fixed object or vehicle. DOT helmet protects in the case of a fall from up to 10 feet. Beyond that a DOT helmet will transmit fatal G-forces to the brain. A Snell helmet will transmit higher forces at all thresholds due to its harder shell–yes it transmits more forces in the most common "crashes." It protects better in cases of multiple impacts.

  5. the last bike accident i saw was the result of poorly maintained roads , gravel left on road after road repair . perhaps spend more on the road surface and less on expensive vdeo movies like this


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