Self Balancing Autonomous Yamaha Motobot Motorcycle

Focusing on operation of the machine from a rider’s standpoint without making any fundamental modifications to the motorcycle itself, MOTOBOT is now capable of riding at high speeds around a racetrack.

The project goals set for 2017 were to clear the milestone of hitting over 200 kilometers per hour on a racetrack and to challenge MotoGP star Valentino Rossi to a battle of lap times.

The complex underlying technologies and knowledge gained from the MOTOBOT project will be applied toward creating new value in our existing businesses as well as toward pioneering new businesses.

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  1. Wow it can work as police petrol in drone,,,,,it's a future of a new technology,,,, imagine if it petroling night in delhi than goons can't escape ,no corruption,instant challan from control room,,,jo log galiyon me chi jaate hai bina paper , helmet,licence ke,,,raat me chori karne vaale,,,unke liye to ye dahshat hai,.


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