How to Repair a Zipper With Two Sliders

The team at fixnzip shows you how to fix broken zippers that have two sliders (also know as a double zipper) with the FixnZip. For more information or to purchase visit


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  1. I have a double zipper on my coat. Both go up and down independently but when I clasp them together, and there is nothing wrong with the track, the top zipper will not go up to close. It's stuck. How do I know which one has to be replaced or it's another issue? TY

  2. This is awesome!!! Buutttt I have a jacket with a single YKK zipper and want to make it into a double to allow room for the hips. How can I do this?
    And the zipper is currently on the jacket which I got as a gift.

  3. That's not my issue. The top zipper goes up & down, but the bottom zipper (how pointless!) is down at the very bottom, and stuck. So I can zip the working zipper all the way down but it stops when it hits the stuck zipper, and I have to climb out of my coat. (Curse you, Eddie Bauer!!)


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