How to Remove Car Dents with PDR Kit – Life Hack/Harbor Freight Review

Today I review the Harbor Freight Dent Repair Kit.

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  1. Anywhere the sheet metal is double wall thick this wishbone bridge won't be much help. Areas that commonly have metal like that include pretty much all vehicles, it's found at the edges. About 1 1/2" to 2" inches from the edge is where it becomes structurally more rigid as the two sheets join. PDR Techs have many tools at their disposal to remove dents and this is but one. For the novice dent puller it's fairly safe to use without causing undue damage , the professional will have mastered the rods to remove dents. Glue sticks are messy, time consuming and rarely eliminate dents completely. They will reduced a dent down to 10 – 20%. Which isn't bad. Do not use glue method unless you know the history on the car, more specifically the paint. Unless it's factory paint you will be removing more than the dent. There are different shaped glue plugs and different types of glue, some stronger than others, Also, the longer you allow the glue to dry, the stronger the bond, the stronger the pull on the metal. Rubbing alcohol, get the the highest percent you can. it's good for cleaning the glue off the car and puller and to clean area so you start with a clean surface. Practice on someones old car…it takes quite a bit of practice to get good with it. If you want to make a living at it you will have to lay out some cash to get the whole kit with various pull systems. It requires a lot of upper body strength in the shoulder area. Some people, with practice, pick it right up, others will end up with a car that appears to have been in a hail storm. Although in the 35 years I've lived in Los Angeles I've never seen it hail, I usually explain the bumpy appearance of my car was due to a very rare weather phenomenon that causes a very localized hail downfall that covers the area of about my car's size. Oh hail, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  2. I used the "as seen on tv" model,….on my 2011 Ford truck, ( aluminum doors) and … I suspected, It did NOTHING….. I guess the aluminum doesn't "bounce back" like steel does….

  3. While your pulling you need to put some pressure around the edges of the dent to release the tension i the metal. also you can buy black glue sticks that are the high adhesive glue sticks.

  4. First time to the channel. No disrespect but I remove dents for a living and this didn’t work for all too many reasons. Also this cheaper glue can and will take the paint. If you know what you’re doing with the right tools you can pull dents on that roof by “glue pulling”. Don’t DIY dents please! For selfish reasons it does take work away from the dent guys whether you get the dent out or not. You’ll mess it up and pull paint or we will have to fix what you messed up costing you more money.. PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR is very inexpensive look it up on YouTube or just google search. Amazon does not have good tools. It does not. Don’t buy them. They are junk. I do understand your YouTube channel I think it’s in incredible how you help people with hacks to fix their cars keep on going, but on this one stop please! Isopropyl would’ve worked so much better to get the glue off btw* and you want the glue to stick to the car so it doesn’t pull the paint.

  5. Nice video, and a really good review of the DIY glue pulling dent remover. These kits are very misleading about how easy the process is. Some off brand of professional style glue pulling systems on eBay or Amazon don’t cost much more but actually work quite a bit better. But in the end these are just tools and it takes some time to develop the skill and technique used to fully repair dents with PDR.

  6. Harbor Freight has a few things that are a good buy, but most of their kits like this have proved to be garbage. By the way, don't ever get a fuel pressure tester from their. Haha

  7. None of these cheap alternatives work bro.. take it from a PDR tech.. you gotta have a light and a whole lot of practice with different tools. Takes years of practice and someone who's been doing it for a long time teaching you to perfect a dent like that first one.. all that thing is going to do is pull it high or mis shape it

  8. Yes, i agree the hot melt doesn't stick to the plastic taps as much as it sticks to the paint. I'm going to drill small diagonal holes into the tops of the plastic pull taps so the hot melt can get a better purchase on the plastic pull heads. I've also used wood pull heads I've made myself with good or better results than the plastic ones that come with the kit.


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