Are Motorcycle LEDs Worth It?! Custom Dynamics Magic Flex LEDs

This book is going to help you understand the important “dos and don’ts” of the motorcycling world!
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Take a look at these Sportster LEDs! Super bright at night. So glad I have them and they are making me safer at night!
➡️ Custom Dynamics:
What I Got
➡️ Rear 1157 ProBEAM® Red LED Turn Signals
SMART Signal Stabilizer™
➡️ Engine:
➡️ Ground:
➡️ Front/Rear Wheel:
➡️ Black Magic™ 4 wireless remotes for extra functionality (Breath, Strobe, Dim, ON/OFF, etc.):
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Comment (16)

  1. I use to think this was a bling factor on a motorcycle. But have seen a few youtube Vids on this subject. Lighting like this is a must on motorcycle as, the side on view they are almost invisible at night. I added some to mine own bike now. it a most for all bike in my humble opinion.

  2. Love my Custom Dynamics Run-Stop-Turn LED's…MUCH brighter and the strobe seems to make people stay back more. Thought about lighting up under the tank too.

  3. DAN! Video looks good, I've been trying to film a review for the LED's I picked up from amazon, probably gonna go for the 4k at 30fps, I havent had any luck messing around with the ISO and Shutter Speed.
    Nice to see how it looks under the front fender, I wasnt sure how to run the wires there.
    I kinda wish I would have gone for a true amber rather than the multicolor, its cool being able to change between colors but the amber color isnt as true as I'd like it to be.


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