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What do you guys think of the new Harley Streetfighter, Pan American, Harley Custom, and Harley Livewire? It will have a brand new water-cooled 1250cc engine!!!!

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  1. I love all motorcycles. Harley-Davidson is special because they are such a strong American brand but as a long time sport bike guy never had much desire to own one. I currently have a tube frame Buell M2 Cyclone that I ride regularly. It is a fantastic bike but it is a product of its age. I am really pumped to see the Motor Company launch into other markets. The big question is "are they REAL Harley-Davidson motorcycles?" The answer is a resounding yes! If Harley builds them then they are as REAL as any Panhead or Knuckle. Let's all get behind the Motor Company as they bring new products and new technology to market.

  2. Looking carefully at all the images, i'm hoping that they're actually going to create a brand new engine based on the V-Rod engine because at the time of V-rod's launch in 2001 it was amazing, i hope they revive that modern V-twin design into an up to date performance engine

  3. This is a great idea for Harley Davidson….This will also more than likely inspire Indian to go down the same road…with an adventure bike…street fighter etc. just to stay competitive..

  4. I love them all. Especially the adventure. Just bought a 2018 Softail (which I love) but that Adventure bike could have me thinking… I hope they work their HD magic and keep the seat low enough for humans to sit. With a range of engine sizes and corresponding price points, these bikes could help HD access critical new markets. I am all for it!

  5. Hey dan dan the fireman, not sure if this is ok but another youtuber i watch named cameron niemela fell ill and could use all the support he can get could you give him a shout out i would greatly appreciate it thanks love the vids man.

  6. Engine is the same(design wise)! It's gonna be a modular engine with interchangeable internals and different cc capacity, much like the old Sportster Evo! Good for cost cutting and good for mods! This is the end of the Sportster era! Gonna be subjective on this one but the Pan America is but ugly. And also, that is BMW/KTM territory. Needs to be something outrageous in order pull something off. Otherwise…it will die in shame. The Bobber and the street-fighter look sweet! If they can pull out a decent price(in order to compete against the Street Triple, against the MT-09 or against the Scout, they will be selling them as hot donuts! Cheers from Europe!

  7. I am not a huge Harley fan, but I want to see strong American motorcycle companies. The naked bike and adventure bike could give similar V Twins from Suzuki, KTM, and Ducati, some competition if they are good.

  8. I was at a local dealer last week and I told the manager that Harley needs to expand and introduce an adventure touring bike. I had no idea it was already in the works. And the street fighter looks great. The only thing is, I think they're going to price these bikes too high again. If they're smart, they won't charge typical Harley prices.

  9. Have an entry level sport-touring and do not see a cruiser I'm my future and I'm 52. I'm liking this new HD lineup if true, I might actually consider buying a HD over a Japanese bike.

  10. I like the naked bike, but if it is over priced like all other HD's are then they can count me out. I will be looking for a new bike towards the end of 2019.

  11. May lord who designed the head light on that bike. If you think thats cool I'm lost for words. I'm a big HD fan but this looks like it been hit with the ugle stick more than once .


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