Scotland Motorcycle Camping Trip 2019 Part 1

Hi all, Join us for our latest epic adventure. We head to Scotland for 3 nights camping just outside Fort William. The camp site is on the shores of Loch Linnie with views of Ben Nevis range. Now that my BMW R1250 RT is run in, it will be a good test for me to get to know my new friend better.

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Bike – BMW R1250 RT LE

HJC IS17 (Pinlock)

2 x Drift Innovation Ghost S HD – 1080P

Cardo Packtalk Bold

2018 Magix Movie Edit Pro


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Comment (25)

  1. Hi Paul do you have a vlog on your camera and mike set up and make the quality is amazing love your channel and adventures, the 2 of you filming is so cool and makes it so much more interesting than other vlogs. real great content guys, so much effort put in thanks

  2. Watched for Spain/Gibraltar tour after discovering your videos & followed your progress on Google maps excellent listening to two old gits nattering at each other like true friends do! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the trip boys! Scotland is best at the height of summer (except for the bloody midges) it's just a wee bit tricky guessing which 3 days it's going to fall on.😎👍

  4. Great video .You guys are becoming a pro on the old videos. Scotland is very much like we we live in Canada. But a lot smaller . Great to watch.Looking forward to part two.

  5. Excellent, bloody fantastic even, it's very very rare for me to see a YouTube upload from start to finish but this has had me hooked. The scenery through Scotland is just jaw dropping, it really is. Well done guys on a fabulous trip & upload 👌🏻👌🏻

  6. Love it. Love the start with 2 separate views from you guys meeting up (apart from Rays head moving to often, not a fan of that) tell Ray to stop following men into toilets! Like the map feature as well. Great stuff guys!


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