Repair Series #11 – Violin Restoration

In today’s video I work on a violin that I bought some months ago. There was a lot to do as the top was broken in two pieces.

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  1. Well done Maestro. I enjoyed to voice-over style. Fun to watch. I'm curious to see your response to Alan Morris as I noticed no signature on this instrument. Did you do this one for the production value rather than the instrument value? If so, thank you. It was great to see how this was done.

  2. What a beautiful transformation. It look sad, but you cleaned it and now it looks beautiful and happy. Bravo!

    Maestro, a question if I may: When you have a violin apart, as in this video, do you ever feel the urge to reshape the top, or the bass board (If I have the term right. I refer to the long strip of wood glued perpendicular to the top.)–to improve the sound of the violin? Just curious.

  3. Superb I really enjoyed this video a big thank you for making it. I like the clamp you used on the edge to close up the joint on the belly, where could I purchase one. I searched for edge clamp but found nothing like the one you have. Once again thank you 👍


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