Project Rust Bucket – How to remove a broken rusted bolt.

Ever have to remove a broken bolt that is rusted into the bolt hole? Project Rust Bucket has a bunch of broken rusted bolts. This bolt was IN THERE!! Just watch the video and you will see the fun I had!!

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Equipment used to create videos:
Canon Rebel EOS SL1:
Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens:
Sony ActionCam AS30:
Sony HandyCam HDRPJ440:
ION Air Pro:
Various Camera Tripods:
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  1. bacon greese works very well for drilling and tapping. i save all my bacon greese but i cant leave it on the counter to long cause my cats will eat it . but one system i like to use is if the bolt is only broke off an 1/8 in i build it up with mig enough to weld a nut to the weld build up. this seems to work very well because it heats up the threads and helps tp loosen the bolt. just give it about 2 minuits to cool down before you start turning the welded nut with the wrench. ive taken out exhaust manifold broken bolts this way and truthfully i havent got skunked yet. hope this helps.


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