Motorcycle storage unit haul. Bringing them all home!

We finally have all the Classic Octane bikes under one roof. Let me know what you think I should build next.

Shirts and Stickers:
All other parts and tools:


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  1. Congrats on the new place!!! As far as the next project you should do some videos on the mini bikes…have you ever considered the xs650 bobber build? I know it’s no Honda but I think you could make a sick little bar hopper out of one. Love the content!

  2. Quick question, where do you get these bikes? I'm wanting to do a single restore/DIY and am only finding ridiculous prices bikes on Craigslist. Do you go to junk yards? Or somewhere else? I'm in California l.

  3. Have you considered doing a scrambler based on a DR or XR chassis? I would watch the hell out of those videos.

    Also you should do some “build a scrambler in 5 minutes” videos. I think they’re dumb but they grab a ton of views and could drive a lot of traffic to the channel.

    Great work! Keep it up!!


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