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In this video I go over various tips when riding with a group. I speak about knowing your skill and the others around you, having a safety brief, understanding to ride within your own limit and not letting your ego get you to make you do something you’re not comfortable with, having full gear, not to be the guy that’s a liability to everyone else, and so on. There’s methods to group riding where it can be very fun and low risk; however, no matter who you’re riding with or where, you alone are responsible for your own safety.

Fast Eddie
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Fast Eddie
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  1. Hi Greg. Great tutorials, and hope you keep this up.

    Question on group rides, on single lane roads and the group is around 10 riders going at a mild pace, what is the general rule on letting other vehicles pass and go in between riders if they need to. I mean is it the job of the leader or sweeper to signal the faster vehicles to go through? And for the members of the group to give way and space if needed?

    The reason i ask is because there is a lot of missunderstanding over this situation. Group riders seem reluctant to give way or make room for others "disturbing" their formation. Then cagers are pissed at these long line of bikes not knowing what to do and the combination almost always has a not so good ending.

    Sorry if this may come in late and its okay if you may not be able see this. Hope others too can chip in with solutions if there aren't already. Because the common rules of passing, merging, and all other stuff associated with "normal" passing do not seem to apply in this situation. At least from my experience.

    Returning rider here (after a 20 year hiatus)


  2. All ways set the example with proper gear . I remember when I started wearing Hi Viz gear 10 years ago a lot of bikers laughed . Especially the Harley guys with their half helmets and jeans . Now it’s really popular witch is nice to see. I’ve had people tell me that hi Viz should be mandatory for motorcycle riders because it’s difficult to see a bike sometimes. Just put on a hiviz vest over your regular gear it’s a no brainer. Again set the example. Ride safe . Cheers 🇨🇦

  3. Great tips and interesting video. I have no desire to ride in a group and probably never will. I love just being on my own and checking out random roads as I come upon them or deciding where I want to go after I leave. You can't ride like that in a group, or even with one other person. Still good to understand what group riding is all about though, in case I want to try it someday.

  4. Brand new bike, brand new tyres, riding 1 week and the group I joined took me to the "twist roads, great fun yeah by them, its only my sense of going slow to MY pace that kept me up… I do ride outs nowadays and I ask what's your level and don't try to  keep up with me, I WILL stop and wait for you… always ride to your own level… SAME as you eddie, turn up no gear. go ride with some one else…         but saying all that it is fun in a group.

  5. Hey thanks!! Your the reason I have full leathers Berik race suit(boots,gloves) and u also showed me how to drag the knee in a parking lot! I stay in Cape Town! You’re amazing 😉

  6. Fast Eddie, do you have any recommendations on what to say to a ride leader who thinks their route is double-top-secret? I only ask because I did some group rides last year where I had absolutely no clue where we were going. I do a lot of bicycling in the summer too and as a ride leader, I ALWAYS provide people with a map and cue sheet. I was expecting this ride leader to offer a route I could import into my Garmin. His response was "I have put years into compiling the route, blah, blah, blah . . ." I think that's a lousy response.

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR EDDIE FROM THE PHILIPPINES!!! I have some really bad and stupid news. One of the people I know let his friend drive his 2012 BMW S1000RR through the mountains with no expirience with driving a bike that powerful and way above his skill level and crashed it trying to take a curve too fast. He totalled the bike and walked away unhurt. The worst thing is he had only liabilty insurance and his friend could only say, “I’m sorry.” Too many people don’t realize motorcycles will kill you if you don’t respect them.

  8. I really hate group rides, always turns into a friggin road race. I have been riding for 40+ years and its always the same. prefer riding by myself these days at least I don't have to prove myself every time.

  9. Ive just transitioned from a KLR 650, rode ten years, everywhere, every way, to a concours 1400 abs, I consider myself an excellent bike driver, yet still im apprehensive about getting on these mountain twisties until I get tons of miles under my belt on a big sport touring bike. Im gonna ride with some old school biker friends before I go hog wild.

  10. Hi Eddie thanks for this. I like it that your vids are trying to eradicate douche-baggery from the public roads, keep it up!

    One thing to note is the use of the word ‘staggard’ 😱 in your drawings… I believe you meant ‘staggered’? It can be confusing to some.

  11. Thank you for all the great advice on this video. I went on a group ride with seven women to Julian and I did notice that they were making mistakes like you mentioned in this video. Because I am still a beginner rider and I haven't done much group rides I didn't know what the group ride etiquette was. I did notice a few things during the ride that didn't seem safe to me. When we were taking the twisties the group stayed staggered and I noticed I was the only one aware of my lane position. I didn't feel safe staying staggered when I couldn't see around the corner. Another incident during the ride was when the group came to a stop sign. The sweeper in the back didn't go ahead to stop the traffic so that we can all go through the stop sign as a group. Instead everybody was confused and we ended up getting split up. What is the proper riding etiquette when it comes to stop signs?

  12. thank you Greg, I regularly watch your videos & learn via your knowledge & wisdom (sitting all the way here in Pakistan & my other home in the UAE) thank you for all the work that you put into these videos, I sincerely appreciate it & remain eternally grateful to you for 'em – thank you 🙂

  13. Thanks a lot Eddy. Very helpful video! I went only once for a "group" riding, actualy only two but I'm going to join a Moto-Club and there would be the chance for some group riding. I'll take care of your recomandation.


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