Mayday Run to Hastings, traffic on A21 with Police and Road Rage, watch to the end!

Hello my Sexy People,

Well I apologise for not making it to Hastings and wish I was able to make it there but after this, I didn’t feel like making it all the way down. No point in arguing with the Policeman but I feel I was not wrong, let me know your thoughts people. Only comment if you watched to the end to see what the driver does later!!

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Comment (29)

  1. I know the highway code, me! Right, so the filtering was technically not illegal (I don't know the distance at which you passed the car though). Whether I would or wouldn't do the same… can't say, I was not in your situation (You didn't have to do it, but you could -sort of situation).

    As for the 2nd thing. Watch the video yourself. That guy was going on the right lane, then changed to the left. It's the biker who almost rammed into him. The biker didn't indicate. Sure undertaking, and talking on the phone is illegal, but for F sake, seriously? Going left without indicating and perhaps checking if there is something (I didn't see the biker do a shoulder check, or check his mirrors). Maybe even with the intention of blocking that guy… on a bike? He is lucky, he didn't crash into him. In this case, both the biker and the guy in the car, were at fault there.

    Then there is your rage, which also puts you in danger. I was taught, to not ride when I'm angry. Stop, calm down and then continue (I'm sure you know this mantra). Again, the driver did some illegal shit, I'm not defending him whatsoever. But in overall? You, the biker who almost rammed the car, and the guy in the car were making faults. That is what I see on the video. You may disagree, but I'm a biker. I do side with bikers, but a mistake is a mistake. I've seen idiots in cars, and as equally on bikes. (It doesn't matter what you drive or ride, it's the person behind that vehicle that matters). All the best, and stay safe.

  2. Used his horn illegally and there was plenty of stopping space for him behind you typical car drivers don't know the high way code and also just seem to target experienced bike drivers aha but the one hand wanker action was best so far 12/10 for not falling

  3. You shouldve knocked the piss out of his mirror. Having said that, I was not there, and a hammer isnt always the solution. Few things tick me off as much as drivers on cellphones.

  4. I'm on your side on this. That guy had no reason to honk, at all. That cop probably was just unable to control his emotions after what he saw.

    Then the retard is on the phone… Poetic.

  5. That Merc bit was annoying. I can see the police officer's point but I reckon the driver is totally one of those kind who basically don't give a sh*t 8:04 you could say he's technically undertaking and almost took out that bike (Did the biker do a life saver? Because that was close)

  6. For those that get finger happy to write negative comments, firstly you are not welcome here so jog on however for those that want to make a comment understand this:

    1. At no point is this video talking about the accident, of which we have been informed the biker is ok and alive. I was not a witness nor saw the aftermath of the scene. Those looking for the footage of the accident should feel disgusted for even looking.

    2. I may have filtered in front of the driver as a person on two wheels with filtering being a legal manoeuvre. The car had plenty of space and had no right to honk or swear at me at this point.

    3. I did not react immediately but merely shocked at his behaviour and therefore was shocked I was the one getting pulled over.

    4. I did not disrespect the officer and never would as my words after were directed to the driver. I use to work with the RAF so please save me this drama

    5. Although the driver made a silly mistake this was completely illegal and this was the cherry on the cake. I do not condone road rage but left this in the video to be honest to my viewer's of how upset I was.

    Those that ignore this and still write a comment are clearly not capable in reading! Jog on..

  7. Hi Don , without wanting to patronise you sound young ish , so the guy in the merc bibbed he was wrong it happens all the time you cant let it get to you , you did nothing wrong , as you stated your self the situation was £$%&$ so people where fed up , take it on the chin ,there's no point in getting that aggressive with car drivers what will he feel towards other bikers ?! if we as bikers can be "the bigger person" it helps the situation rather than building animosity , I get it we can say "but I did nothing wrong" but standing on "I'm right there wrong" doesn't deescalate, do you never make mistakes ? treat as you want to be treated , chill , I guess it comes with age as well though !! all the best an old guy * )

  8. Please guys…don't be aggressive on the road…couple of years ago in Italy we had an horrible episode in wich 2 young guys are died…go for your road and don't be super hero to protect justice , laws and your believe

  9. Your minor inconvenience of a 2 1/2 hour delay which may have spoilt your plans was nothing compared to the massive trauma the injured motorcyclist suffered; Also, you're not concentrating – and you are demonstrating 'road rage' at other drivers – they're breaking the law on their phones, and so are you. And, yes, the copper was right. From a professionalism point of view, you need to re-think your riding. Appalling video.

  10. Man, that Merc driver is lucky he didn’t create another incident. A real shame you didn’t reach Hastings. I was hoping to say ‘hi’. I’ll hopefully start working on my vid soon, if work commitments allow.


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