Jägermeister x Sol Invictus: Meisterpiece 01 – Custom Café Racer

Over three months, Jägermeister collaborated with Sydney’s Sol Invictus on a custom café racer motorcycle in a physical celebration of two entities at the top of their craft. Acclaim, in association with Jägermeister, documented Adrian from Sol Invictus throughout the build process as a part of ‘Meisterpieces’; a series of collaborations celebrating Jägermeister’s rich heritage of artisanship.

Inspired by Jägermeister’s German precision, this custom motorbike was beautifully built by an individual who has dedicated their life to perfecting their craft. In the same way that Jägermeister has been masterfully created for decades, Sol Invictus motorcycles are meticulously customised with blood, sweat and motor oil.

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