Figure Fix Friday: How to Restore a Bootleg Figure (Legitimate toy sales and no bootlegs)

Materials Used:
Super Glue:
Glue Tips:
Precision Pliers:

TOY NINJA (Legitimate toy sales and no bootlegs):
Twitter: @dstar01
Isaiah 41: 10

Written by: Dexter Arafiles
Directed by: Janelle Arafiles
Art By: Rigo Martinez and Ron Hunt
Music by:


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Comment (43)

  1. I ordered a s h figuarts goku black on a website called bonanza for 23 dollars or so and after watching I feel it's gonna be a bootleg so I'm super worried about it

  2. Hey I have a storm collectible noob saibot and the problem with it is on arm the peg is so loose but it’s not the peg it’s the inside of the whole where the peg goes and I’m wondering how you’d fix it

  3. Quick question. How do you guys make a nice picture to alert what to come on YouTube. Like you did with the Tony Stark video when we all voted for Tony Stark. And when you show us that they arrive

  4. I bought some rejuvenate after watching your comparison video and I got so much done, also just ordered the KO of the 1000toys Hellboy and got the rejuvenate ready to go LOL…thanks for your help!

  5. is it still worth getting one of these bootlegs even though they seem to always be problematic, since the authentic goku black seems to be going for 150+ dollars on every site i look at?

  6. Hey dude, love you videos! If you get a chance could you tell us if quick shine floor finish in the green bottle, is better or worse than the others you reviewed? I can’t find the quick shine hardwood luster in my area!

  7. Was the double ball joint to big or small?
    If a ball joint is too big you can shave it down with an knife. Then sand it smooth.
    That is how I got my unmasked Wolverine head on my Oldman Logan body.
    I just sanded down the ball joint so it fit into the socket.


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