DIY Vacuum leak find/fix | High idle check engine light code P0507

If you have a certain vacuum leak, or a high idle code p0507, the guys at PMM show you how to find and fix a vacuum leak
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  1. Can anyone help I have the same exact problem I cleaned MAF I installed brand new catch can but it ran fine with new catch can and new PCV. After installing catch can I cleaned Intake manifold center plenum from old oil then reinstalled everything and engine still won’t start. I spray brake cleaner near center plenum and car idles up witch indicates that I have a vacuum leak BUT I used gray silicone all around the areas where the gasket goes and I still seem to have a leak???? Does anyone have any other suggestions PLEASE HELP. 350z

  2. I have a VW cc and there’s a missing vacuum line completely gone I told the dealer I got it from they kept dicking me around the check engine light is on and when I’m in park the the rpm’s go up and down or when it’s in Drive the idle is too high and it basically drives on it’s own is this all because of the missing part ??

  3. need help asap I have a bmw 1997 528i and I replaced the starter on it but to get to it I had to take out the air intake manifold and the box or vaccumm whatever it is next to it and when put it back together it stopped working it cranks and starts but only idols if I'm giving it gas when I let go it shuts off also back fired from the engine kinda like popcorn popping

  4. Just keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of fire, to minimize the damage, also it's recommended you do it with a cold engine for the same reason. Funny enough propane is safer because it will create a quick ball of fire as opposed to liquid spray burning on top of your engine.

  5. help! when i turn on my 97 mustang it idles high then goes normal and when i drive it loses power or something. I am driving around 1000 rpms and it just drops then goes back up quick. what does this mean? it does this quite a bit. not just once.

  6. Please help! I don't know if it vacuum leak somewhere or no but when i floor the accelerate my boost go only to 10 n it drop back down n my blow off valve just open n all the air go out. And my CEL came on too now idk what to do. Any idea?


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