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Why do we look down roads – roads we’ve never been on and have no idea where they go – and then, go down those roads?

Find out what lies beyond:

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Comment (39)

  1. Yes, everyone loves Rick! But what people don't know is that Rick will borrow money from you and will never pay it back. And that's ok, I still like Rick but while you have your arm around Rick giving him a heart felt man hug, Rick is smiling at you in your face but with his left hand he is stealing your wallet from your back pocket. Sure we all know Rick is a thief but man he has the most intoxicating smile we all just somehow turn the other cheek. No pun intended. So Rick, we're watching you….

  2. Honda PLEASE STOP designing your bikes with a kicked up short rear seat. Do we REALLY need two feet of clearance between the fender and rear tire? Some people like to take their girls with them on some long rides without having to buy a Goldwing.

  3. Why don't ladies ride their own rides? Ok, no hard feelings – mine does… And her lower back arch is just the opposite… I think she rides her bike quite nice. 🙂

    Yes, the old Goldwing is gorgeous too! Maybe almost as gorgeous as K1 cb750… And what about the cl77…

  4. What a great no-BS ad. Usually when you see this sort of polish in a national advertisement from an international company you can expect a sterile pitch with generic airbrushed people with plastic smiles. This manages none of that nonsense. I can imagine not being a motorcycle rider, sitting on a couch catching this between commercials, and then unconsciously being compelled to go out and getting a bike. Not because it's a deceptive ad tricking me into anything, but because motorcycles are the truth, and this ad has the right ring to it. Good work Honda! Great to see some of the same magic that gave us "You meet the nicest people"

  5. It's ok. The concept of why we ride, ok. Honda hasn't made an inspiring bike, imo, in years. I used be be die-hard into Honda. After the 5 Magnas, I had a VTX1800. Liked it, no cornering ability though, to speak of. Then I downsized to a new Sabre 1300. Big mistake. That's what really lost me on Honda. I've been noting, to me, very boring, sterile bikes. The Sabre was god-awful, but looked ok in some ways. NO power. Wow. So lacking in oomph for a 1300 twin. I've had two 2012 Kawasaki Z1000s now before, and then after the Sabre. That's my love for a bike…favorite ride ever, possibly. Honda is a distant memory thanks to the Sabre, Fury, and their cruisers especially. But, the video was ok. I hope they really get competitive again…and again, my opinion.


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