Decoding the numbers – 1943 Harley Davidson WLA / ep028

Decoding the numbers – 1943 Harley Davidson WLA / ep028

Weekly series documenting our work, plus hints, tips, tricks and Q&A.

To have your question answered please use the hashtag #askash in the comments.

This week Ash talks about the various numbers and what they mean on the numerous components of a 1943 Harley Davidson WLA.


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  1. ThesaurAsh, lol. A little local urban legend, right at the end of WW2 a train with a section of cars loaded with crates from Harley Davidson were stopped on their journey to the Canadian East Coast as there was no longer need for their cargo in the war effort, so not knowing what to do the inventory was offered up to local businesses for cents on the dollar. As far as i got from a local Harley guy a Manitoba hardware store called Princess Auto purchased over 2000 fresh Harley Davidson motors and from what i was told less than half were used to make mobile compressors and generators and some were used to run grain augers but some still claim there's shipping containers still full of some of the shipment near Winnepeg Manitoba (near me). myth or truth, who knows.


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