Camping Trip – Easter Weekend

With the fantastic weather for Easter 2019 we knew we would get some great camping locations, but we were really blown away with where we ended up. Read Mandy’s blog for more details

Do also check out Westfalia Digital Nomads video regarding ‘Clearup where you Parkup”

Liam the Terrible –

Burro Ambulante –

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  1. Hi. Great video. Spent many hours up the Roaches and Tittersworth reservoir in the 70's and 80's. Dont live far away from it now. Love all of your other videos too. All the best. Jason

  2. Hell fire John, We drove past your van on the way to Luds Church, sorry didn't know it was you would of stopped and said hello. Yes the Roaches and Leek have changed a great deal over the last few years.

  3. Great video, really enjoyed joining you on that trip, not somewhere I've ever been. Good to see the solar can keep up with coffee consumption 😉 Is it a Heki vent? I saw something the other day about an insert you can get to stop the trickle ventilation/permanent airflow on them -might just be a more expensive version of what you have done though 😉 .

  4. My god you smashed that pie, you two seem so much more relaxed already. Marzipan is my favourite. Great scenery many many years ago I did a geology trip to that very place. Thanks for vid 👍👍👍totally gutted for mevi not great luck for him.

  5. Nice video, really stunning area, quick question what do you use for solar power management , I have a factory installed 160w panel but only have a control panel for both batteries showing volts, I would love to be able to get more detail if its an easy add. thanks van_ping

  6. Thanks to Mandy’s Coffee addiction you have quashed the myth that a coffee maker won’t work. I am looking at getting a Transit L3H3 in the coming months and converting it. I am also a coffee fanatic so yippie. 3rd coffee at 09:30 that’s as bad a me Mandy. Lol


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