Best $99 Walmart Bike? Schwinn Cutback Urban Bicycle

The Schwinn Cutback is a Hybrid Urban bicycle available for $99 at Walmart. It may be the best $99 Walmart bike available today.

The Cutback features a 1×7 drivetrain that will reduce maintenance and issues normally associated with multi-speed drivetrains. It also has a treadless headset and multi-color styling. The styling looks a lot like the Raleigh Redux series of bicycles.

Noisy brakes aside, the Schwinn Cutback is a decent bike for the money. Personally, I would choose it above any of the other sub-$100 Walmart bikes currently offered.

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  1. I disagree. While it's a sub-$100 bike, there's no reason that bike should be in the range of a hard-tail mountain bike for weight. With a 1x, side-pull brakes, and unbranded, cheap tires, I'd still not recommend anyone looking for a commuter bike to get this, over something of fair quality on the second-hand market.

  2. Any chance you could recommend another option in the WalMart range? I love the look and features of the Cutback but can’t find it for sale anywhere. Best to you!


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