2018 Jawa Motorcycles Forty Two – Modern Classic

Coming with nice pop colours, the Jawa Forty Two is kind of a cafe racer design in the Jawa Motorcycle line-up for India. We really like the overall colours, and how the bike looks.

The Jawa Forty Two has been prices at INR 1.55 lakh, and is actually costing lesser than the classic Jawa.

The Forty Two has different headlamp, different speedo console which is offset, different handlebar, reworked tail lamp and many more subtle changes.


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  1. Not really an outright cafe racer, but the Forty Two is more of a modern classic in the 2018 Jawa motorcycle line-up. We like the pop colours, and how differently this bike has been detailed. Do you like it? What more did you expect?

  2. Am in the UK, was seriously looking at the bullet 500 model, for its looks but realising that you would in affect be riding a bike that feels vintage. And accept the good and bad. But this has looks great, looking forward to road test .

  3. I love this bike . Want to see one in my garage but What about kick, gear and fuel meter ?
    Now re needs to work on quality otherwise it gonna finished !!!

    Re user

  4. The only thing that bothers me if they are so confident of their products that they've already started pre booking, then why they're not giving it out for test rides .

  5. Believe me…
    Everything looks absolutely stunning…
    Except that…odd location of instruments cluster !
    It should be double ringed…
    If they provide a single cluster option…
    They should provide a single n bigger cluster which should be positioned on the middle of the handle bar…
    That's too annoying location of the cluster…!

  6. I am having a very serious doubt about the Jawa 42 model. Do they have a fuel indicator or its just a speedometer like the one which is seen on the ducati scrambler
    If they don't have a fuel indicator, I think it's going to be a big minus from their side, and also can affect the sales also. Please reply if I am wrong… 😐


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